Arirang Hot Dog

Arirang Hot Dog

Arirang hot dogs of which taste and nutrition are maximized are newly developed following current trend. Arirang homemade hot dogs have been introduced to famous department stores nationwide including Shinsegae, Hyundai, Lotte, and Galleria Department Store.

A traditional steady-seller menu that anyone can enjoy without burden, ‘hot dog’

In December 2014, road shop #1 opposite Pusan University was launched in Dec. 2014 first and till now, it has been doing a lot of franchise businesses.

Main Menu Introduction

  • Arirang Hot Dog

    Representative Original Arirang hot dog with sausage-in rice dough

    Arirang Hot DogArirang Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • The King Hot Dog

    Sausage size UP! Hot dogs stuffed with cheese in sausage

    The King Hot DogThe King Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Mozzarella Cheese

    Sweet and savory hot dog with whole mozzarella cheese

    Mozzarella CheeseMozzarella Cheese 상세 이미지
  • Squid Ink

    Sausage and mozzarella cheese all together in the dough made of squid ink and rice Three birds with one stone

    Squid InkSquid Ink 상세 이미지
  • Cheddar cheese hot dogs

    Hot dog with savory cheese in rice dough

    Cheddar cheese hot dogsCheddar cheese hot dogs 상세 이미지
  • Gamjarela

    Sweet hot dog with savory mozzarella cheese and potatoes met

    GamjarelaGamjarela 상세 이미지
  • Potato hot dog

    Hot dog with a lot of fun to pick sweet and crispy potatoes

    Potato hot dogPotato hot dog 상세 이미지
  • Chedarela

    Hot dog filled with savory mozzarella and cheddar cheese in squid ink and rice dough

    ChedarelaChedarela 상세 이미지
  • Ramenttang hot dog

    Ramenttang hot dog which is fun to enjoy

    Ramenttang hot dogRamenttang hot dog 상세 이미지
  • Garae Rice Cake Hot Dog

    Hot Dog where whole chewy Garae rice cakes are in

    Garae Rice Cake Hot DogGarae Rice Cake Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Honey Pretzel Hot Dog

    sweet and chewy hot dog which makes you addicted to when you eat

    Honey Pretzel Hot DogHoney Pretzel Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Long Sausage

    32cm long hot dog that is wrapped in pastry

    Long SausageLong Sausage 상세 이미지
  • Joy Hot Dog

    Basic hotdogs with chopped pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard sauce in

    Joy Hot DogJoy Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Bulgogi Hot Dog

    Hot dog with charcoal-flavored Bulgogi and honey mustard sauce

    Bulgogi Hot DogBulgogi Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Cheese Hot Dog

    Hot dog with lettuce, onions, pickles and mustard full of homemade gravy sauce and sweet mozzarella

    Cheese Hot DogCheese Hot Dog 상세 이미지
  • Yogeoda Hot Dog

    Sweet Hot dog with fresh vegetables and homemade sausages with sour cream

    Yogeoda Hot DogYogeoda Hot Dog 상세 이미지